Other Programs

In addition to our karate and Okinawan Kobudo weapons programs, we offer corporate personal seminars and birthday parties. Our seminars and birthday parties are available to anyone interested. You don't have to be a karate student to attend. Please check out the information below for more details.

Birthday Parties

Let us help plan your next birthday party! Likes Black Belt Academy offers three party packages designed to help make your child's party a huge success! With karate drills, team building drills, games and more, we can customize your party to fit any needs, from customized cakes, pizza, ect. All our packages are for up to 25 children. Packages start as low as $99 and dates do fill up quickly so don't hesitate, call 715-842-4741 and get started towards your child's dream party today!

Package #1 - An hour and a half party with gift opening for $99.

Package #2- An hour and a half party, cake & juice & gift opening for just $139.

Personal Safety Seminars

Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about their personal safety and the safety of their loved ones. With some basic knowledge of self-defense skills along with quality information about what attackers look for in a victim you'll feel more confident no matter what your situation!

This seminar is designed to offer basic self-defense information to groups either in our facility or yours. Attendees will focus on using visual, physical and mental self-defense. This seminar will also focus on how NOT to become a victim. Learn quality information about what characteristics attackers look for in a potential victim and how to change your behavior. Seminars are limited to 30.

* Seminars are 2 hours in length with a 10 minutes break halfway through. Customized seminar lenghts are possible.

* Carpet or workout mats are ideal, However, non-slippery tile or wood floors are fine.

* Larger groups are possible with the addition of assistant instructors.

The Seminars will be lead by a qualified, Certified Black Belt Instructor.