Likes' Black Belt Academy LLC
4308 Stewart Ave. Wausau, WI

The following seminars are offered by Bob Likes.

Street Judo Defense and Choke Holds

How to defend yourself using Judo techniques and choke holds. Students learn the proper falling techniques, how to fall and not get hurt, and the importance of tumbling and balance. Judo throws that are taught are, Ogoshi (major hip throw), Hane Goshi (springing hip throw), Ippon Seoinage ( one arm shoulder throw), Tomoenage (monkey throw), Uchimata (inside thigh throw), and various other throws. Also, how to counter the throws. How to grapple with someone so they do not feel where your weight is distributed. Five choke holds are taught along with the "California" choke hold that the law enforcement officers in California aren't allowed to use anymore.

P.S.N.A. (Pressurized Sensitive Nerve Areas)

P.S.N.A. when used properly will discourage and control aggression, without permanently injuring your assailant. The two methods of use are, Pain Submission and Stunning. Simply put Pain Submission is the use of pain to illicit some type of cooperative response or behavior from the person it is being applied to. The three main uses for applying them are: To distract someone from an intended action (usually hostile or aggressive), to make a person comply with your verbal commands, and third, to use it in effecting some type of balance displacement. A combination of all three uses can also be employed. Stunning techniques cause a temporary mental blackout due to an over stimulus of sensory signals from the target area. This sensory input is so intense that the brain rejects it and temporarily shuts down. An average stun should last from 3 to 10 seconds.

By teaching your students how to protect themselves without permanently injuring someone also protects you and the student from any legal problems.

Reactive Knife Defense

This program is designed to teach the student how to defend themselves against an edged weapon attack, not to be a knife fighting program. Smart people should run if at all possible when confronted with the possibility of being injured with an edged weapon! Students are introduced to the knife grips, what kind of knife wounds there are, proper stances, reaction times, reactionary gaps, the attacks, defensive counters, and technique acquisition drills.

Seminar Fees

The cost for the seminars is $30 per student, Family rates are, 2 in family $50, 3 in family $70. For you and one instructor there would be no fee. For ever five students over 15 that attend, you can have one free. There is a 15 student minimum. Saturdays are first choice, with Friday evenings second choice. Seminars are held in your school or location of your choice.

(Instructors can get Certification in any of these arts through additional training.)

Call 715-842-4741 or email with questions or to schedule a seminar.