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Senior Grandmaster, Bob Likes

Bob Likes is currently a ninth degree black belt with more than 50 years of experience in a wide variety of martial arts and self-defense disciplines. He is a grandmaster instructor, having taught dozens of other instructors their craft. Bob Likes was the 1993 Wisconsin Senior Black Belt Form Champion and the 2002 Executive Black Belt Champion in forms and weapons. In 2008 Grandmaster Likes was inducted into the "Legion of Honor" Hall of Fame. He joins a class of martial artists that includes Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Arlene Limas, Robert Trias, and Ed Parker.

He is a certified instructor in Reactive Knife Defense, P.S.N.A. (Pressurized Sensitive Nerve Association), Street Smart Judo, Okinawa Kobudo Weapons and Women's Self-Defense.

Grandmaster Likes is also the president of Likes' Black Belt Federation with affiliated schools in Wausau, Edgar, Glendale, Wittenberg, and Marshfield.

Seminars and Demonstrations

  • Reactive Knife Defense

  • Women's Self-Defense

  • Street Smart Judo

  • Choke Holds

  • P.S.N.A. (Pressurized Sensitive Nerve Association)

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