Likes' Black Belt Academy LLC
4308 Stewart Ave. Wausau, WI

Karate Classes for Children

Children come to Likes' Black Belt Academy for many reasons. Many times parents have a genuine concern for the safety of their children; the schoolyard bully has intimidated the child far too long. Physicians and educators recommend Karate as a way to help children achieve their social, physical and emotional potential.

Time and again, Karate from Likes' Black Belt Academy has made children more confident and with that sense of confidence comes a strong and positive self-image. Agility, grace and coordination can come to light in your child through Karate's physical and mental training

In the end, Karate teaches children a sense of self-discipline; it can only be described as a unique desire to learn and remain focused. And for their hard work and efforts, children are rewarded for their accomplishments through the Karate belt color system that encourages goal-oriented behavior.

Special Introductory Karate Course

For Only $30.00!!

3 Taekwondo karate Lessons

Includes Karate Uniform

Call 715-842-4741 for more information and class times.