Likes' Black Belt Academy LLC
4308 Stewart Ave. Wausau, WI

Introductory Karate Course

Whatever your age, now is the best time to start your karate training from Likes' Black Belt Academy. Call us today for a detailed description of our introductory course. Soon, you'll be on your way to experiencing the numerous benefits of karate instruction. Likes' Black Belt Academy also offers instruction in these martial arts disciplines.

- Women's Self-Defense
- Reactive Knife-Defense
- Pressurized Sensitive Nerve Control
- Okinawa Kobudo Weapons
- Street Smart Judo Self-Defense
- Pankration Mixed Martial Arts

Special Introductory Karate Course

For Only $30.00!!
3 Taekwondo karate Lessons
Includes Karate Uniform

Call 715-842-4741 for more information and class times.