Student of the Month

May Student of the Month

Violet LaFave is 7 years old, is in 1st grade a Weston Elementary. She is a Blue belt in TaeKwonDo. 

February Student of the Month

Vlad Chere is 11 years old, attends Horice Mann Middle school. February 15th he will be testing for his Brown belt is TaeKwonDo. His favorite subject is school is Social Studies. 

December Student of the Month

Caiden Kuhtz is 9 years old, enrolled in the 4th grade at South Mountain elementary. His favorite subject is Math. Caiden is a High Brown belt in TaekwonDo and is training for his 1st degree Black Belt.

November Student of the Month

William Boesel (Liam) age 7 is a High Green belt in Taekwondo. He is in 2nd grade at St. Annes, his favorite subject is Science and loves to play basketball. 

October Student of the Month

Desirie Ringle is 10 years old, is a 5th grader at Evergreen Elementary school, loves Writing & Gymnastics.She is a High Blue belt in TaekwonDo.. 

September Student of the Month

Jonathon and Kevin Arenas.

They both go to Maine Elementary school. Jonathon is in 2nd grade, is a High Green belt in Taekwondo. Kevin is in Kindergarden, is a Green belt in Taekwondo. 

August Student of the Month

Rebekah and Matthew  VanErp. (Mon and Son) Rebekah, 35 and a High Green belt in TaekwonDo. She's a RN and soon will be a Nurse practitioner. Matthew 10 and a Blue belt in TaekwonDo. Matthew is in 6th grade at John Meir grade school, loves Math and Baseball.

July Student of the Month

Harshad Dharmagari is 7 years old and will be in the 2nd grade at Stettin Elementary. His favorite subject is English. Sports he likes are Soccer and Basketball. Harshad likes to explore new things. He is a High Green belt in Taekwondo.  

JUNE Student of the Month

Ruben is 8 years old & Jack is 6, both attend St. Annes catholic school. Ruben likes Math & Jack likes to Read. Both are G-2 Brown belts in Taekwondo. The Family Baker rules they live by are: 1. The "Golden rule" treat others like you want to be treated. 2. Do what you NEED to do BEFORE you do what youu WANT to do. 3. Everybody does their part. 4. Don't make your mess, my mess. 

May Student of the Month

Zander Texale is 11 years old, a Brown belt in TaekwonDo. He is in 5 grade at Grant Elementary, enjoys Social studies, Soccer, & Flag football. 

April Student of the Month

Jacob Wincentsen is 11 years old, and a HIgh Blue belt in TaekwonDo, also a Green belt in Okinawan Weapons. Loves video games, and favorite subject at Rosholt elementary is Math

January Student of the Month

Mike Burns is a 2nd degree Black Belt in TaekwonDo. 33 years young. Still SINGLE!!! He is currently attending North Central Technical college. In 1999 Mike had a brain tumor and was told he would never walk again. His motto is to never give up. One our tenets is Perseverance. He is becoming one of our best asst. instructors.